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Establishment of Commercial Companies
Negotiation and finalisation of stockholder's agreements
Transformations of Cmmercial Companies
Society Reestructuring operations (mergers, takeovers, demergers)
Acquisition of companies, Corporate operations in the main (capital increase and decrease, by-Laws amendments)
Advice to Boards of Directors, management of Boards of Directors secretariats
Preparation of General Meeting of Shareholders
Challenge of corporate resolutions, carrying out of actions of social responsibility
Drafting, negotiation and conclusion of sale contracts involving holdings and social shares and of establishment of real rights over them
Stock corporation liquidation processes

Advice and planning on Legal respects involving financial institutions
Loan and credit operations monitoring, syndicated loans and under constitution and enforcement of all kind of financial rights as guarantees upon first request, bonds, pledges on the shares, movable assets, chattel and real estate mortgages

Advice during pre-bankruptcy phase for negotiating with creditors, refinancing, restructuring, etc...
Preparation and negotiation of advance Convention of creditors
Previous negotiation with Public Administrations
Lawyer guided advice to insolvent party common phase and liquidation
Credit contestation, defence on rescissory actions

Negotiation and advance Convention with the debtor
Communication and defence of creditor's credit
Enforcement of security rights
Responsibility actions towards companies administrators and bankruptcy receivers

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